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The spine consists of over 120 muscles, all working in accordance to help our body achieve more. But when those muscles become strained or displaced, it can cause undue stress on the body, as well as the mind. If you are feeling the pain of having one or more of these muscles out of place, then we here at NEX Wellness can help. By visiting our facility, you can find a professional chiropractor in Burlington that can realign your muscles, and help take the strain away from the body and mind. Read on to learn more.

Caring For The Spinal Cord

The spinal cord is a fascinating part of our body, made up of a bundle of nerves that send and receive signals throughout our system. Essentially the width of our thumb, the spinal cord plays a big part in the healthy running of our body for being so small, and as such, should have the proper care and attention it deserves. Our professional chiropractors have the skill, experience and knowledge to perform techniques that will keep your spinal cord working in accordingly.

Our Range Of Services

The spinal cord can be divided into 31 different segments, and 24 movable parts called vertebrae. With so many working parts, it is only right that a trained and educated professional should be the one to administer care. Our facility is well equipped to offer an array of chiropractic care that can help treat a wide range of back problems and health issues stemming from those problems.

Choosing to receive care from a NEX Wellness chiropractor, means obtaining specialized services from a trained professional, one that is up to date on their certification and the latest training to bring you the care you and your back deserve. The techniques used at our facility include diversified adjustments, bio-geometric integration, instrument-assisted adjusting, Sacro Occipital technique, and the Webster (prenatal) technique.

Diversified adjustments are the most common form of treatment used by chiropractors. This approach restores proper alignment of the spine and joint dysfunctions for better movement of the body.

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The wellbeing of your spine and your body’s overall health matters to us here at NEX Wellness. Therefore, Burlington residents can easily find a professional chiropractor in the Burlington area that can help them with their back problems when they book an appointment at our facility today.

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