How can a naturopath help you lose weight?

There are several ways you can lose weight, be it diet, exercise, drugs, or surgery, but usually, some of the other problems prevent weight being lost properly. Issues like water retention, poor digestion, constipation, poor liver function, deficiency of essential nutrients, food sensitivities, or even mental and emotional issues, can make your weight loss program go awry. More than simply losing weight, what becomes necessary when you re planning to a weight loss program is that you take care of all the aspects of up-keeping your health. And that is where Naturopathy comes into play. How can naturopathy help you lose weight? Well, if you continue to read this blog by NEX Wellness, you can find some answers! 

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How naturopathy works for weight loss 

Excess calorie consumption and insufficient working out is just one small reason for gaining weight. The equation, if calories in are less than calories out then it amounts to weight loss, is an oversimplification for most people to trying to reduce weight, according to naturopaths. Naturopathy is not a one-size-fits-all healing system, so a naturopathic solution differs from person to person. That said, from a naturopathic perspective, determined by delving deep into the root cause of the disorder (yes, weight gain and obesity is a disorder), major causes of a weight gain are:

  • Blood sugar imbalance or insulin resistance
  • Low basal metabolic rate due to thyroid problems
  • Improper liver function
  • Low stomach acid
  • Not enough good fats

These are common causes why you can gain weight. Stress and depression are emotional causes that could also lead to weight gain. Your naturopathic doctor will determine the cause through your medical history, your family history, physical, mental and emotional condition, quality and quantity of sleep, exposure to toxins, as well as through various tests you might be asked to get done.  

Are there any side effects of naturopathy for weight loss?

There are no adverse effects as such of using naturopathy for weight loss. But some medicinal herbs that may otherwise help with weight loss can have adverse reactions in some people. For example, bitter melon (karela) can stimulate menstruation and induce abortion. So it is a clear no for expectant mothers. In some people, it may reduce blood sugar levels drastically which is not a good sign. Also, people with poor liver function should avoid using bitter melon for weight loss.

Another example is that of a chromium supplement. Although it is safe for most people even for long term use, it is not advised for people with kidney disease or liver disease as it damages the organs further. This trace element supplement can cause impaired thinking, and lack of coordination in some people, and skin irritation, and headache in others. So, use medicinal herbs only when prescribed by your doctor, even if they are seemingly safe ingredients such as green tea and omega-3. If you are still wondering how a naturopath can help you lose weight, then we suggest that you schedule an appointment at NEX Wellness today. 

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