How can a Naturopathic doctor help me?

According to conventional wisdom, when you’re sick, you call the doctor. (and maybe your mom.) But your trusty MD may not be the only one who can cure what ails you, especially if you’ve paid him or her a visit already and still aren’t feeling well. That’s where naturopaths come in. Naturopathic doctors, who are educated in the same basic sciences as medical doctors and attend 4-year naturopathic medical schools, take a holistic approach to healing and use natural approaches, like nutrition, herbs, and acupuncture, in addition to conventional ones, like drugs. How can a naturopathic doctor help you? NEX Wellness has got the answers.

If your hormones are out of whack

Is your period irregular? Your PMS raging? A naturopath may be able to help. Conventional medicine doesn’t have a lot of tools in this area, there’s nothing to support the body’s own hormone production but birth control, but certain herbs are incredibly good at bringing hormones back into balance by improving the connection between the brain and the ovaries, where the hormones are made.

Your stomach is hurting you

If you’re struggling with anything from bloating to IBS to Crohn’s, overhauling your diet could be a better solution than taking meds. Naturopaths aren’t trained as nutritionists, but they incorporate food as medicine in their practice. Stool testing can be done to see if carbs or fats or proteins aren’t being properly broken down, and a probiotic can be prescribed.

You’re feeling depressed or anxious

While seeing your conventional doc for anxiety or depression symptoms might get you a prescription for meds or a psychiatrist referral, naturopaths work with patients to identify the underlying causes of their issues. (Note: They aren’t equipped to manage serious mental-health problems.) ND’s help patients reorganize their lives to limit stress, and we also work with herbs that help the body biochemically manage stress better.

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