How to find a naturopathic doctor right for you

When you feel unwell, you probably make an appointment with your GP, who likely prescribes a pill to help you get better. But these days, there’s a roster of other docs who are taking alternative, more holistic approaches. And instead of medication, they’re recommending treatments with herbs, meditation, and acupuncture. There are many different ways how you can find a naturopathic doctor that is right for you. One of these ways is by choosing NEX Wellness today! At NEX Wellness, we have a great team of naturopathic doctors that are ready to provide you with natural treatments and remedies for your health. In this blog, we share some information about how you can choose the right naturopathic doctor for you.  

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Ask people around you if they know any good naturopaths 

When someone recommends an ND to you, that means they think they are effective.  They have probably been to see them, and they have seen benefits from that ND’s treatment plan. This is where your search for your ND should start. Book in with that ND. Word of mouth is more valuable than a google search. You have someone who has evidence that this Doctor knows what they are doing. There is no harm in booking a free 15 min consultation or an initial appointment with that ND. The ND will be a great resource for you. If you live in a different city, contact that ND to ask if they would recommend an ND near you.

Take advantage of consultations

Most NDs offer free 15 min consultations. Use this time to ask any questions you have about Naturopathic medicine and their treatment style. The reason I have set up free 15 min consultations is to see if Naturopathic Medicine is right for you AND to see if my treatment style resonates with you. All Naturopathic Doctors treat differently. We have different philosophies on what works with our patients. Some people love homeopathy, or acupuncture or clinical nutrition. Some NDs have specialized only in one area of medicine such as fertility, sports medicine, or cancer.

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor if they have a favourite modality

NDs have many different modalities; acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, homeopathy, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle counseling are just a few. Some NDs tend to lean towards one type of modality over another. If the ND prescribes acupuncture for everyone because they know it is effective, but you are deathly afraid of needles, that ND probably isn’t for you. It is rare that an ND will only work with one modality, so ask them to adjust their treatment plan to avoid needles. Conversely, not all NDs use acupuncture in their practice. 

There are many different ways that you can find a naturopathic doctor for you! We encourage you to continue browsing through our NEX Wellness website for more information about our services. 

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