How Naturopathic Medicine helps Binbrook Residents


Naturopathic medicine is a system of primary healthcare that places emphasis on prevention and the self healing process by using natural therapies. Natural doctors combine centuries old knowledge and a school of thought that nature is the best healer, with current research on health and human systems.

The therapeutic modalities found in naturopathic medicine include nutritional infusions, homeopathy remedies, clinical nutrition, botanical remedies and hydrotherapy.  These can be integrated into existing traditional therapies.

Naturopathic diagnosis targets identifying the root factors behind disease, while naturopathic treatments are backed by research drawn from peer reviewed journals from many disciplines, including conventional medicine, naturopathic medication, European complementary medicine, phytotherapy, homeopathy, clinical nutrition psychology and spirituality.

Treatment result of naturopathic medicine varies from person to person as each person receives an individualized treatment program; each person has his own set of symptoms, reactions and healing process.

Health Conditions Treatable by Naturopathic Medicine In Binbrook:

Natural medicine in Binbrook addresses many health conditions and offers preventive and natural health from pediatrics to geriatrics.   A wide array of conditions both acute and chronic can be treated such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, IBS, hypertension, asthma, arthritis to ear infections are just to name a few.  A Naturopath treats the whole person by helping their patients maintain optimal health.  As a result of this holistic approach, naturopathic medicine may be especially used for dealing with chronic diseases.  It may be used successfully alone or in combination with traditional medical therapies.