Prenatal Support At NEX Wellness

When one learns they are pregnant, the first essential step to take is to secure oneself the required prenatal care that will see them safely through pregnancy. Statistically speaking, babies of mothers who do not obtain prenatal care are three times more likely to have low birth weight, and five times more likely to die, compared to babies born to mothers who have received this care. Expecting mothers in Burlington can find quality and extensive prenatal support at NEX Wellness. To learn more about our services, please keep reading below.

Importance Of Routine Check-Ups

Having the responsibilities of caring for your body is one thing, but when you add another developing body into the mix, taking care of yourself gets that much more stressful, yet vital. This is where routine prenatal checkups come into play. By seeing our naturopathic doctors throughout your pregnancy, we can keep a watch on your health, as well as the baby’s.

The preliminary physical examination during a prenatal checkup consists of the collection of the mother’s medical history, blood pressure, height and weight, blood and urine test, a pelvic exam, and Doppler fetal heart rate monitoring. Our doctors will also address the overall care needed throughout the nine months and required routine testing. Each visit will see our naturopaths checking the growth, position and heart rate of your baby, making sure the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Reduce The Risks

Prenatal support is all about risk reduction when it comes to the pregnancy and subsequent labour. Our naturopathic doctors will determine the support you need, taking into consideration healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Getting regular exercise and avoiding exposure to harmful substances towards you and your baby will promote healthy fetal development. Keeping existing conditions in check, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, is another crucial aspect of prenatal care.


Prenatal care also includes our knowledgeable staff passing on essential information, educating the expectant mother, and father, on caring for the baby once it is born as well. We will help prepare our patients to become well-equipped parents, instructed in the ways of breastfeeding, partner communication, and infant care all before the baby arrives!

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