Should I go see a naturopathic doctor?

Have you been thinking about seeing a naturopathic doctor but aren’t sure what to expect or how they could help you? At NEX Wellness, our team of naturopathic doctors are here to assist you with a wide range of health issues. There are many reasons why you should consider a naturopath for natural health treatments and services. Here at NEX, we are proud to offer an extensive array of traditional, naturopathic, and complementary therapies. Our experienced team of naturopathic doctors and complementary practitioners has been serving Burlington, Ontario, and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. In this blog, we talk about a few reasons why you should consider seeing a naturopathic doctor. 

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For a holistic approach

Most people seek out naturopathic services because they are looking for a different approach to their health. Naturopathic doctors are unique in the way they treat their patients; they look beyond the symptoms a person presents with and evaluate the whole person. The body is intricate and all the systems are connected which is why it is important to naturopaths to seek out the root cause of illness. In order to determine the root cause, naturopaths ask a lot of questions about all aspects of your life; so what may seem unrelated to your concern can actually be very important in determining the cause.


Naturopathic doctors spend a lot of time with their patients. The average length of a first appointment is an hour or more. This amount of time is needed to learn everything about you and have important conversations about your health history. It also allows you to ask questions about your concerns, and it doesn’t limit your visit to only one question or concern. One of the reasons naturopathic doctors are able to spend so much time with their patients is because they are not covered by OHIP and therefore not restricted in time. Although the cost of visits is covered by provincial health care, many individuals have extended employee health care benefits that may cover the entire cost.

Treatment options 

Naturopaths offer a variety of treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary advice, homeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. More and more people are seeking options for treatment beyond prescription medications. Naturopathic doctors work with their patients to educate them about their options and help them to make the best choice for their health.


Did you know naturopathic doctors can run a variety of lab tests? These tests range from your annual blood work to allergy testing, to urine tests. And, when the results of those tests come in, your naturopath sits down with you to go over the results. Already had a series of testing done? Naturopathic doctors can request your records from your physician or specialist, review those results with you, and work alongside other practitioners as part of your integrated health care team.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider seeing a naturopathic doctor. For more information about how a naturopathic doctor can assist you with your health, we encourage you to get in touch with a NEX Wellness representative today. 

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