Chronic illness is one of the biggest struggles people face. Often, these illnesses are accompanied by pain and mental stress. The worst part about chronic illness is that it can cause hormonal imbalances, which creates more issues with your well-being. It is incredibly important to check hormone levels in individuals who suffer from chronic conditions because hormones affect many different parts of the body. At NEX Wellness, our patients can schedule a hormonal assessment that is meant to address any chronic illnesses caused by imbalances. In this article, we share some information about a few reasons why hormonal assessments are so important to track and treat chronic illnesses.

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Reasons to have your hormones checked out…

Hormonal imbalances can cause anything from fatigue and anxiety to more severe issues like organ failure and depression. When hormone levels are out of the normal range, they aren’t doing their job at regulating the body’s processes. This not only causes an imbalance but is known to contribute to chronic diseases. It is important that individuals who suffer from a chronic illness get checked for hormonal imbalances because it can provide a solution to your problems.

Another reason why hormone check-ups are key in treating those with chronic illnesses is that hormones affect other systems in the body as well as mental health. Hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid hormones, testosterone, and DHEA all have a substantial impact on physical, mental, and emotional wellness. For instance, fatigue is often caused by hormonal fluctuations including estrogen and cortisol levels. Also, depression is linked to the body’s hormone system as well. A lot of people with chronic conditions experience feelings of sadness or emptiness which can be treated by keeping your hormones balanced. It is important to know that if hormone imbalances are properly diagnosed they can be treated effectively leading to an improvement in quality of life for your patients.

Patients who are suffering from a chronic illness may not even realize that their health issues are being influenced by hormonal changes or imbalances because they don’t know if their symptoms are normal or abnormal for them. This is why it may be helpful to take note of our self-monitoring symptoms. Patients who struggle with chronic pain, fatigue, weight gain, or migraines may be able to see patterns in their symptoms if they monitor them regularly. If you notice that you are experiencing certain symptoms more frequently than before it would be helpful to make an appointment with your healthcare provider for a full hormonal assessment.

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NEX Wellness is committed to providing the best care possible to every patient that walks through their doors and that’s why we offer hormone assessments as part of our services. At NEX Wellness each patient will receive personalized treatment based on their specific needs. We encourage all individuals who suffer from any type of chronic illness to schedule a hormonal assessment today so they can start feeling better sooner rather than later!

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