Why should I get a hormone assessment?

Hormones are produced in our endocrine system, and these travel through our bloodstreams to send a message that tells our tissues and organs what to do. It regulates our body’s processes such as hunger, sexual desire, growth, blood pressure, as well as our metabolism. Aside from regulating our body’s processes, they also keep our bodies in check. Have you been experiencing health complications that you believe are caused by your hormones being out of whack? At NEX Wellness, we can administer a hormone assessment to our patients to determine what levels are too low and what levels need to come down. If you are asking yourself why you should get a hormone assessment, then you have come to the right place for answers. Read on to learn more. 

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You can detect hormone imbalance with a hormone assessment 

Hormonal imbalance refers to when your hormones are not produced at normal levels. There are many different types of hormonal imbalances, and you can be experiencing them without noticing. A hormonal imbalance happens when there is too much or a small number of hormones in your bloodstream. When your hormones are unbalanced, you can start to see changes in your cognitive, emotional, and physical health. A hormone assessment at a Naturopathic Doctor’s office like NEX Wellness can help detect these imbalances. 

A hormone assessment can identify the cause of the hormone imbalance 

The only way to identify the cause of hormonal imbalance and other related problems is by getting tested regularly. It’s worth noting hormonal imbalances aren’t caused by one thing as hormonal imbalances can also occur when the endocrine glands are not functioning correctly. A hormone assessment is used to determine the cause of the imbalance so that a plan of treatment can be assembled. At NEX Wellness, we don’t just treat the symptoms, but we also treat the root cause of the issues overall. 

Your hormone assessment can help determine the treatment plan 

Treatment for hormonal imbalance won’t begin if you don’t get hormone testing. It’s also worth noting that there are many types of treatment for hormonal imbalance. The treatment plan that you’re going to get will ultimately depend on what kind of imbalance you have and its underlying causes. The best way to get a totally customized treatment plan is to do a hormone assessment at a Naturopathic Doctor’s office like at NEX Wellness. 

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